Longmont, Denver & Fort Collins, CO

After driving up into Wyoming from Steamboat in order to avoid the Rockies, Dyna, Jake & I spent September 8th-13th hopping between some beer-laden towns in North Western Colorado. We spent a few days parked at St.Vrain State Park, which was an interesting location (read: state park next to a highway), but allowed for easy access to places such as Boulder, Oskar Blues Brewery, an Apple Store and an RV Salvage yard. Boulder is a cool town; we bought some new plates that are difficult to break (I bet I can still break them!) and some cookies there. Oskar Blues Brewery is awesome because it has Coconut Porter. We had to swing by the Apple Store because I am setting a world record at destroying Jake’s phones (it was the washing machine this go ’round). The RV salvage yard was cool because we need some new *old* things for the elderly beast we call Dyna. We had plans of riding our bikes along a sweet brewery trail while in town, but instead we spent our time fixing the awning which I broke by leaving it out in the wind while I ran to Wal*Mart (bad choice on both counts). I returned home to Jake attempting to hold down the awning in the wind with all of his strength. Anyways, we spent that afternoon hammering, jumping on, and driving over the awning extension arm with the Red Rammer (this was a last ditch effort) until we finally got it straight enough to retract. It was a super sophisticated operation.

Boulder Cookie Time.
Oskar Blues! Get in my belly!
No beer touring tonight. Jake repairing the awning into the sunset.

Our hot babe of a friend Holly invited us to park Dyna at her house in Denver, and we decided to take her up on the offer.  After squeezing Dyna’s big butt into her driveway, we hit up some breweries, a cool little Denver thing called ‘The Big Wonderful’, dinner at a bomb Mexican restaurant and then burned some stuff bonfire style in Holly’s back yard. Did I mention Mama Knotowicz was in town? Score! (Sorry Ricky, but I’m totally rubbing this one in).  In addition to all the previously mentioned good stuff, Jake and I walked to Glazed and Confuzed Sunday morning. I was not confused about how awesome their donuts were.  We left Dyna to rest in Holly’s driveway and headed into Fort Collin’s to visit some of Jake’s family. Michael, Robin, and Noelle welcomed us into their beautiful home, fed us, wined us, and beer toured us some more. We hit up New Belgium and O’Dell’s which were both delicious (and nutritious). (Thanks guys!!)

Whose house is taller?
Here’s a bartender from ROC. You can tell because we all have matching tattoos!
These donuts. Not confusing at all. Just delicious.
Holly, me, & some people dressed like babies.
The Big Wonderful!
Super special afternoon/evening with Noelle, Robin, & Michael.

The Denver/Fort Collins/Longmont area was a blast.  As we pulled all 38,000 pounds of Dyna out of Holly’s driveway, we were pretty sad. But then we remembered that we had big things (in a 38 pound package) coming our way. Yes, you heard right. Dexter. In Colorado Springs. Get ready- our next update is sure to be instant birth control.