Disneyland (Anaheim), CA

Dexter’s time galavanting around the country with us in Dyna is coming to a close. He’s got a Daddin’ waiting for him back in NY. And so, we figured, we better party hard while we still can. And when you’re 4 years old, we’ve been told the best parties involve pizza, root-beer, similarly aged cohorts, and/or Disneyland. We decided to go with all of these things, especially since all flights from the West Coast to the East Coast somehow magically pass through LAX. And Disneyland happens to be so near to LA. Also, we’d never been to the West Coast magical mouse land, so why not? So, for one final weekend, we partied like 4 year-olds. We hit up Disneyland. We ate pizza. We drank root-beer. Oh, and because it also happened to be the Easter season, we crashed a church’s Easter Egg hunt celebration (it was like the Royal Rumble of 4 year olds.) We paid too much money for a space in an RV park near the mouse’s house, which was completely worth it (so I guess not too much $$). We swam in the RV park pool, scootered on the RV park pavement, and used the uber convenient bus stop right out front of the RV park to access the kingdom of happiness. It was a fabulously colorful, candy, Mickey filled weekend; and a great ‘last hurrah’ for our time with our little buddy.