Kingsport & Johnson City, TN

Johnson City, Tenneseeeeee!

That song is the reason why we knew Johnson City was a place. (Thanks Old Crowe Medicine Show and mostly Darius Rucker.)

We snagged a couple of campsites at Warriors Path State Park for Wednesday through Tuesday, tossed Scott and Lucy in the rig, and left Knoxville for the Johnson City/Kingsport area.

Warriors Path State Park was interesting. The sites were a bit jumbled, seemingly plopped willy-nilly, and often at strange angles. A busy park, it was packed on the weekend with happy campers and their herds of cyclically giggling/crying children who seemed to take much joy in throwing baseballs concerningly close to Dyna. We enjoyed our time at Warriors Path once we figured out how to wriggle into the two sites we were able to get reservations for during our stay.

We didn’t find much popping off in either Johnson City or Kingsport after working hours, and our Saturday plan to hike got rained on (literally). On Saturday we found ourselves inhaling biscuits and gravy (they even had a veg version!), then driving the jeep up forest roads in the rain. Jake manned the wheel, Scott rooted him on, and I clenched my butt cheeks and pointed out any area that looked like we might be able to use it to turn around.

Johnson City is home to a White Duck Taco attached to Yee-Haw Brewing, aka, The Duck and Brew. This is the ultimate in dining experiences, in my very highly regarded opinion. White Duck’s Shrimp Bangkok taco (on flour) paired with Yee-Haw’s Cold Brew Lager is chef’s kiss.

Scott left us on Sunday to drive home to meet his new puppy (we’re going to be a pAunt and a pUncle!). We spent our Sunday running on the Tweetsie Trail, then walking aimlessly around Johnson City before refueling with a second round of White Duck.

We did attempt to try some other local delicacies, like Pal’s Sudden Service, which Jake and Scott liked. I liked White Duck.

While there wasn’t much going on in and around Johnson City or Kingsport, we did find ourselves enjoying the area. It’s the type of area that is clearly depopulating, and both city areas are directly adjacent to beautiful country. We’d pop back in – mostly so I could spend more time at the Duck and Brew.

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