Scott on the AT

Scott Tracker´╗┐
Scott Tracker
March 2019

Scott Baron, definitely not first of his name but also the only one we know, wader of waist deep water, brewer of craft beers, BFF forever (that’s double forevers) of Jake is now adding ‘walker of the AT’ to his name resume. He set out on March 7th from Springer Mountain, GA with a goal of using his own two feet to reach Mount Katahdin, ME before the lords of Maine Park Services shut it down sometime in November.

You can track where Scott is on the trail at this current moment, and check in on his progress as he makes his way North, on the Scott Tracker.

We were able to pop in and check up on him (Beyonce style) in March – and we are reporting that he definitely doesn’t smell better than he used to. We’re rooting for him! And also hoping that he finishes off this epic walk with a long, multiple hour shower.

Scott Tracker´╗┐