Hi! We’re Jake & Liz, two millennials who ditched the bricks and bought some wheels.

Handsome devil.

Jake is a web developer/designer by day and an aspiring RV mechanic by night. He works remotely for an awesome company out of the DC area. He enjoys hiking, beer, geocaching, and problem solving. He spends decent chunks of time fixing the latest challenge Dyna has thrown at him, and brainstorming reasons that we can’t have a bunny.

Candy connoisseur.

Liz is a ‘pretired’ Speech-Language Pathologist who currently works as head cook, dump station master, Dyna shiner, and big rig driver. She also moderates (see: gets to wear her bossy pants) and writes for rvmobileinternet.com.  She enjoys long distance running, candy, balloons, her nephew, naps, and begging Jake to buy her a bunny. 


Lucy is the head (see: Queen) of our household on wheels. She loves to be loved. When she’s not reigning over a 50 meter radius around Dyna, she enjoys napping and reminding us to feed her. Other hobbies include: shedding, coming inside to use her litterbox before returning outside, catching and eating bugs, sitting on keyboards, and aggressive snuggling.

We met in Rochester, NY, but our wanderlust soon outgrew our beloved little city. So, we did what any normal couple of millenials would do; we bought a house…on wheels.  She’s a 40′ diesel pusher named Dyna.  In July of 2015 we packed everything we could fit into our trusty ‘RedRammer’, ditched everything that didn’t fit, and drove to meet our new adventure in Phoenix, AZ. 

Dyna is a sometimes cranky 2001 Monaco Dynasty. She’s 40 feet of fun on wheels who was loved by a family of 4 prior to us taking over the helm. We still find evidence of said family via legos hiding under cabinets and falling out of slides; we should have a complete set soon.

Introducing: GeoDude

GeoDude is our trusty adventure mobile.  He replaced our much loved RAV4 (RedRammer w/ lube-pump kit) in late 2016. He now acts as our shuttle from the ‘mothership.’ He’s a 2016 Jeep Wrangler. We can flat tow and get to most any trail we want to hike on.

Together, we are Life with Dyna.  We dislike sauerkraut, goat cheese and horseradish, but pretty much anything else is fair game. We’re here to share the triumphs, tribulations, adventures, and experiences of our life on 12 wheels.