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Washington DC Area

A few weeks in the DC area, via Reston, VA. We hung out with Jake’s co-workers, who usually only exist in a virtual space. We played with my good friend ACrain. We ran the Marine Corps Marathon. We traipsed along the W&OD and poked around DC a bit. And our trashy friend ChrisR showed up too.

Savannah, GA

“More butter!” Ok, but first, I better go for a run.   When you roll into the the city of the Queen of Butter, you need to make plans to balance out some of the sin. Long story shortened to weed out details that only other long distance runners crave hearing: I ran another 26 mile race, again, without training. Because I clearly learned my lesson from running a long race without training for a long race the previous 2 times.  It’s so hard to resist the temptation of an organized long run when the course loops around your home for…