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Fries, VA

It’s pronounced ‘freeze’. Might as well get that bit of disappointment out of the way early. Fries, VA Fries, VA functioned as our soft place to land when the world felt as if it was locking door after door on us. The closures that prohibited us from moving about the U.S. did eventually taper off in late April, and then began to reverse themselves in mid-May. We initially booked a month in Fries, but in late April, extended out through the end of May. The looking glass into the future of campground availability was too foggy for us to trust…

Hitting the Brakes: Life with Dyna in the Time of COVID-19

Our apocalypse mobile… it’s not overly pandemic proof. I expect it is not a completely uncommon topic of conversation amongst the nomadic RV set, or those who befriend them: “Sure, access to reliable healthcare is a doozy, but if there is ever a zombie apocalypse – this RV is going to be clutch for riding it out!” Jake and I have held variations of this conversation amongst ourselves – with the added commentary of “you better come pick me up if there is a zombie apocalypse!” from friends when it’s discussed in a public setting. We were clearly not taking…

Washington DC Area

A few weeks in the DC area, via Reston, VA. We hung out with Jake’s co-workers, who usually only exist in a virtual space. We played with my good friend ACrain. We ran the Marine Corps Marathon. We traipsed along the W&OD and poked around DC a bit. And our trashy friend ChrisR showed up too.