Evansville, IN

I don’t know how we ended up in Evansville, IN but it was fine.

We called while in transit to snag a site at Burdette Park Campground which was quiet and had decent running access but also weirdly (for a county park) full of RVs that seemed to be there for the long term. As amateur fifth-wheel haulers, maneuvering through the campground was a bit of a butt clencher – but we did it with no scars to show.

Burdette Park Campground

While in Evansville we enjoyed our second tornado siren of the season. This meant we also enjoyed our second shove-the-cat-into-her-bag-and-run-to-the-nearest-shelter evening of the season. We survived and no tornados were reported to have come to fruition this go-round.

Our week in Evansville was otherwise highly uneventful. We worked. We ran. We dined at a delightful vegan restaurant in town on three occasions in our single week’s stay.

Then we packed up and hauled out. Some stops are just that – stops.

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