Parma, ID

Big wheels have been turning toward middle America. We don’t have a firm plan of when we’ll arrive. We don’t have a specific route we’re planning to drive. But, we do have a goal of reaching Colorado in the near-ish future.  Idaho is currently providing us with a road to explore while headed in that general direction. Idaho also touts many roadside attractions. Alright, alright– so far, most of those ‘roadside attractions’ have been potatoes and onions laying alongside the road. But hey, an attraction is an attraction. And an attraction being edible is definitely a bonus. 

We happened upon a pretty sweet little campground in a pretty sweet little town called Parma at about the time I was pretty sick of driving our mobile stead down the road; so we stayed. Parma provided some good country roads for running, a post office for mailing stuff, and a location not too far from Boise so that we could check out ‘the big city’. 

So far, we’ve found that Idaho really does like potatoes. And apparently, they light a giant potato up for the holiday season (festive!) There are many miles of pavement between most destinations, but they are pretty miles.  

Right before pulling out of Parma with our sights set East, we met a gent named Chris. Chris, turned out to be a super cool guy. Cool enough to walk across America. He set up his tent next to Dyna, and we noticed him in the morning. We shared some breakfast and convo. He is an inspiring dude. 

We’ve got a few (hundred) more miles to cover in Idaho. We’re driving it. We’ll keep you posted on any additional happenings- potato related or not.