Ellis, KS

We made it to Kansas!


We bopped in an out of Ellis, KS right quick like; it’s the kind of place that the only thing to do is ‘bop in and out right quick like’. There is a cute, cheap camping area near the river (with full hook-ups) and we were looking a few nights of cheap solitude.

Ellis has quiet and solitude. And not too much more. There are a bunch of trains strewn about (tastefully) to celebrate the town’s train loving ways. There is a tiny museum dedicated to Walter Chrysler, who founded the Chrysler Corporation; he grew up in Ellis. There is one restaurant in town: a pizzeria/Mexican restaurant combo. We did not eat there; it never seemed to be open.

On evening walks, we spotted several group of folks sitting out on their porches in the evenings having what appeared to be a post-work beer. Ellis felt like the kind of town where that would be the thing to do.

We already do that a lot anyways. So we decided to roll the wheels back out of Ellis; headed East.

Thanks for the quiet, Ellis.

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