Cincinnati, OH

Ok, so we didn’t really ‘do’ Cincinnati. Which is sad, because I heard they have nice chili on top of spaghetti and stuff there.

We chose to reset (aka, get life shit done) and be a little lazy over chili on top of spaghetti.

Sometimes life hands you chili on top of spaghetti and you throw the chili on top of spaghetti back at life and then hide under a blanket on your couch.

We knew we wanted to be in Nashville the first week of October to attend a wedding. Since our departure date from Rochester kept getting pushed back, we also knew we’d have to do a bit of hauling to get there.

I don’t like to drive for more than 4-5 hours at a haul in Dyna. It’s just a thing I don’t like to do. Driving Dyna makes me kind of tired I’m always on high alert for cars I could possibly smush, materials strewn about the road, and a turbo-boost that I try to keep below 15.

We zadoopsed from Rochester to a casino somewhere in PA (free parking guys!) and slept for the night. The free casino parking was free. Also, sweet sunrise, free casino.

We didn’t gamble because we suck at gambling.

After sleeping and not gambling, we drove a few more hours to the FMCA campground in Cincinnati.

FMCA is an RV club that we are part of for the tire discount they offer. Because 8 big rig tires are really expensive. There isn’t really much other reason other than a tire discount for us to be a part of the FMCA club.

But, since we pay to be a part of the FMCA club, we figured we would utilize the free RV parking they offer at their headquarters. It involves full-hook-ups on concrete pads. Free full hook-up concrete pad parking is one of our interests.

Conveniently, the free full-hook-up concrete pad parking was also near the Ohio to Erie trail. Yay!

Surprise! I ran on that trail daily!

Other than daily Ohio to Erie trail runs, we caught up on things that we let slide when we were in Rochester.

Like grocery restocking. And Dyna exterior washing. And grout steam cleaning. And interior washing.

But not wheel rim shining. Jake tried to talk me into wheel rim shining. He lost.

Also, the OPRV park had a rule against getting onto your roof (quite literally the first time we’ve stayed somewhere with said rule), so I didn’t have to bathe Dyna’s roof. Which is my second least favorite part of Dyna to bathe. Rims are definitely the worst part of Dyna to bathe. So, thanks OPRV park with weird rules for saving me from a roof bathing session. And thanks me for saving me from a rim shining session.

We rewarded ourselves with a local beer and dinner. We got the beers for 1¢ because apparently we are luckier than we thought and should have gambled at that nice sunrise casino. Or maybe the odds on a quarter flip are a bit better than the odds at a Casino. Or maybe I am just being pessimistic?

Sans Cincinnati chili on top of spaghetti, we decided after a few days that it was time to head down to Nashville and find a spot at the fairgrounds. Maybe someday we’ll be back to eat your chili on spaghetti Cincinnati. Probably.

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