Nashville, TN (2)

On the drive back to Nashville, TN from NY, Jake felt it coming.

The ache.

Except this time, it wasn’t the ‘adventure’ ache.

It was the ‘oh shit, my head aches’ ache.

We had been had.

Had by the awesomeness of being surrounded by our people.

And had by the wretched diseases they (especially their 5 year old ranks) carried.

Yep, for the first time since we started our mobile lifestyle (18 months!) – Jake was getting sick.

Which inevitably meant I would also be getting sick.

Probably because we spend most of our time within 10 feet of each other.

So, that pretty much sums up the remainder of the time we spent (after our hiatuses to St. Louis and NY) in Nashville.


Oh, and also, our water lines burst while we were gone. (Merry Christmas from Dyna!)

That was our bad. And got pretty darned lucky as burst pipes go – only one section of PEX burst. And it didn’t flood anything but our wet bay. Also, we were half-expecting that this might happen. When we ditched Dyna in Nashville for the month, we were silly and didn’t expect the temps to get down below freezing. Well, they did. We ‘watched’ our weather apps from 500 miles away as the temps in Nashville dropped and remained below freezing for multiple days. And well, our pipe burst.

Since Jake was feeling really crappy, we decided to call a mobile mechanic. Mobile mechanics are these really cool RV know-it-alls who will bring their trucks full of tools to your RV and fix it. They are hot commodities, which makes getting one to come out and fix your stuff in a timely fashion a pain in the a$$. After calling every mobile mechanic in the area, one company decided they could come out and take a look. So, while poor Jake died wheezed and ached in bed, I directed two gentleman towards the area of suspicion, and then sent a small prayer to the gods of cheap RV repairs. Half-an-hour, 3 inches of PEX, and $220 later, we were back in running water action. The moral of this story is: become a mobile mechanic. They charge a lot of money and sick RV kids will happily pay it so that we can return to burning through multiple boxes of tissues in bed.

After a few days we were at the point where we could function in a semi-human like manner during the day, so we ventured out into Nashville and her outskirts. We partook in some delicious food eating, checked out a to-scale replica of the Parthenon and did a little Pokemon hunting (real Pokemasters never quit!). We checked out Franklin, TN and met a dead Tennessee Walking Horse.  We found a cupcake ATM, which is, inarguably, the BEST kind of ATM. We spent NYE in bed with a stockpile of tissues and ginger ale. Jake woke me up so we could watch a giant musical note drop in downtown Nashville on the local news channel. We had planned to go see this musical note situation in person, but sometimes adventure takes a backseat to rainy weather and runny noses. And that is ok.

And just as we’re feeling like we’re on the mend, we’re also feeling like it’s time to mosey along – we’ve set Asheville, NC in our sights. So long, Nashville. And so long 2016!