Rochester, NY: Wedding Edition

We came. We hung out for awhile. We got married.

Hey IRS! We’re legit now!

If you’re not interested in marriage, or photos of marriage, or specifically photos of Jake & I getting married – go ahead and skip this post now. Because that’s what you’re about to get if you keep reading.

From this moment on, you are doing this to yourself. You are subjecting yourself to photographic documentation of a really great day in our lives.

As mentioned briefly in a previous post – the planning sucked. I’ve learned that I’m really not into planning a wedding.

But the actual party? It was amazing.

And totally worth the ‘pain’ of planning.

But I don’t plan on doing it again – which I think is the point? And maybe the secret reason behind why planning is so gross. You’re not supposed to do it twice. It gives you even more incentive not to do it twice.

I’m not going to write too many words about our wedding week. The general gist? We are #blessed with incredible people in our lives.

They came to Rochester from near, and far, and celebrated our relationship, and our relationships with them.

Our only regret was not being able to invite even more of the people we love.

Oh, and also, I sort of regret building our own bouquets with real lollipops. Lollipops mixed in with flowers get real sticky and start dripping all over the place. Even if they do look cool. But, if you’re as lucky as we are, your wedding gang will roll with sticky hands and chests like this is something that normally happens during weddings. (We love you guys). So I guess I don’t really regret that.

And now – a pictorial retelling of the weekend we officially stopped living in sin. Most photos were shot and edited by the incredibly talented, and highly enjoyable (HE LOVES CATS AND BEER GUYS!) Rich Paprocki.

Wedding Week

Sunday, October 7th, 2018

And, so now we’re married. And my last name is technically Chafik. And now that that is done – we’re rolling back out. Headed South – but no longer rolling in sin.