Augusta, GA

Augusta, Georgia sounds like a cool place. We needed to get to Atlanta so that we could use their airport. Augusta was between Myrtle and Atlanta. So, we ended up in Augusta. And it wasn’t not cool.

They have big pieces of cake there.

Originally we had hoped to park our butts out in Aiken, SC because they have a lot of ponies and pony people and people riding ponies but not ponies riding people. Apparently a lot of people want to go see the ponies and the people who ride them because we couldn’t get ourselves an RV sized spot out there for the week. Of course, we didn’t attempt to get ourselves a spot out in Aiken until we were on course to Aiken – about 30 minutes out actually. So, we ended up in Augusta at Heritage RV Park. I’m interested in why this park is called “Heritage” RV Park. Maybe the property actually did descend down to an heir. If so, that heir doesn’t seem to have done much to improve it. But, it served its purpose. It was a place to park Dyna. Not a place that was close to much – we had to drive anywhere we were interested in going – but it was a place. It did serve as a place for us to fix our water heater, as Heritage RV Park does not have any shower facilities. The water heater has been on the fritz for a bit, but we got around that by using campground showers, which I tend to like anyways. Because unlimited hot high pressured water sometimes. I don’t take cold showers. It’s not something I do. Hot water or smell. Choose your fantasy, Jake! Jake chose it would be best to just fix the water heater.

Cake & beer at the Boll Weevil.

We got cake two times during the our 7 days in Augusta. That is 5 times too little, really, but we tried. The cake was at a place called The Boll Weevil Cafe, which had okay food – and SOLID cake. Not my ‘best’ cake ever (that award continues to go to The Goddess & The Baker’s rainbow cake in Chicago), but a solid cake. Mostly this cake was good due to its largeness. And the frosting to cake ratio. It wasn’t perfect – there was maybe even too much frosting (I can’t believe I am stating that). I can always save extra frosting for eating in bed later. I can’t do anything if there is too little frosting. So, overall – this cake gets a positive review. Welcome to Liz’s cake critic corner, guys. I have a very refined cake palate.

Between our two cake eating trips (literally – we got cake first thing and last thing), we walked about Augusta without destination for a few hours on a few different occasions. Augusta has a pretty riverwalk area. Some historical hints, a pretty river, and a few places to pop off for refreshments (not always just cake). We popped by and said ‘hi’ to the statue of James Brown. And we turned Jake into a sundial.

Although we didn’t park Dyna out in Aiken, SC, we did make a point to spend our Saturday in the area out there. We headed out to Bruce’s Field, where we missed three day event training (my favorite of all the horse related sports to observe) by a week or so. We were only in town for dressage test training – one of the less entertaining horse related skill sets for me to watch, personally. I guess my horse sport palate isn’t quite as refined as my cake tasting palate – because I have several horsie-girl-world (that’s what my dad calls those of us who enjoy horses and horse sports) who would oppose my viewpoint that lower level dressage training tests are terribly dry to observe. But, we still spent an hour or so watching riders attempt to coerce their hay burning partners to dance around the rings at Bruce’s Field. Bruce’s Field is a really cool place – a horse girl’s dream. I was highly impressed.

We then explored Aiken a bit, swinging through the candy store and popping into the brewery for a beer. On our drive back to Augusta a horsey-girl-world type friend (ok, I actually met her at CROSSFIT back in the day, but she’s a horsey girl extraordinaire anyways- hi Mandy!) recommended that we buy a special cookie situation that they make in Aiken. She apparently usually sends her own beast down to Aiken for winter training, but he was injured this year (bummer!) We almost turned around to hunt down said cookie, but instead decided to just re-up on cake back in Augusta. Guess we’ll just have to come back. For the cookies. And hopefully to see Mandy ride Wooden (her beast) in some eventing activities someday.

When we pulled out of Augusta the next day, we both had enough cake to get us through the next few days. Which turned out to be a good thing – because where we ended up stopping next didn’t have no cake. A lack of cake – but an abundance of Confederate pride. Next stop: Crawfordville, GA.