Bear, DE

Everything is sticky. WHY IS EVERYTHING STICKY?

Not even two full weeks of two nine-year-olds rolling with us in Dyna, and our rolling home is covered in zinc based sunscreen and STICKY. There are errant cowtail wrappers decorating random spaces in and around the rig.

Where is this crap coming from? How do two 4 foot tall gremlins create so much chaos?

We are Aunt Liz and Uncle Jake by luck. But every time we host these terroristic, fun-sized humans, we are reassured that our choice to not be parents (yet? ever?) is a good one.

I love our two mischief-makers. A lot. But holy heck – why is our RV so STICKY?

We grabbed a campsite (ok, two – we had to move campsites after our first night at the park because we couldn’t quite manage to reserve a campsite for five nights in the same site on short notice) at Lum’s Pond State Park after 8 days at the beach. I was looking forward to not having to vacuum sand out of the rig five times a day. Which was nice, but things were still very sticky (as I noted, at length, above).

Lum’s Pond provided us with hiking trails, a playground (which was closed due to COVID-19), a pond for paddling on and fishing in – but not swimming – and a ropes course, which was confusingly not closed even though the playground was. Lum’s also offered great hammock hanging trees, which turned out to be clutch for child entertaining.

We’ve got some small hammock aficionados on our hands!

We spent a long weekend at Lum’s hiking, paddling, camp firing, turtle peeping, hose spraying, and ropes coursing. We filled a rainy day with baking and attempts to get the two small terrorists to read, and made our first jaunts out into the newly COVID ridden world to grab a beer and ice cream outside. The kids didn’t drink beer. They were already drunk with whatever the heck kids have inside of them to make them never allow a moment of silence to pass and also to make everything sticky. Also, they are kids, so that’s illegal. Even if beer may have made them sleep, which would have been great because I am an aunt and not a parent and therefor have no training in how to ration my energy throughout the day to be able to not want to pass out from exhaustion by 4pm.

Other than a few cousin spats about who should be able to swing viciously at the other from which hammock, or whether the National Geographic show we watched the night before so that Aunt Liz could take a nap was about a King Cobra or regular snake, Dexter and Eden maintained their camaraderie.

And Jake and I didn’t strangle them or secretly put beer in their drinks in hopes they might pass out. We actually mostly just enjoyed them and all of their nine year old energy and wisdom. Boy do they have a lot of wisdom.

We’re headed towards NY next, to return Eden to her immediate kin and to spend some time in my (and Dexter’s) hometown.

And to scrub Dyna from top to bottom.