Pine Grove, PA

After spending the past several months pulled by the temptation, and concurrent need for creativity in participating in visits and fun time with family and friends, we headed South – intent on spending a few weeks in nowhere. Pennsylvania has large swaths of ‘nowhere’. Jake staked out a swath of nowhere that happened to promise trails and an hour’s proximity to a Wegmans.

We found ourselves at an off-season RV Resort in Pine Grove, PA, where we stayed for two weeks. Two glorious, quiet, weeks dotted with morning runs and two trips to Wegmans.

We aren’t typically RV resort nomads, unless we have our nephew with us who thoroughly enjoys resort amenities such as pools and water slides and playgrounds and game rooms. We are, however, off-season resort people – happy to snag lower rate reservations with full-hook-ups in what is typically a quiet, mostly abandoned park.

Twin Grove RV Resort provided us with plenty of quiet, very little visitation by other patrons, and one evening of take-out Bar-B-Q before they shut down their counter service restaurant for the season. I ordered a delicacy called ‘potato filling’ – a novelty to me. I would order said delicacy again; it was kind of like stuffing/dressing, except made out of potatoes.

We spent most of our mornings and both of our weekends in the area running. The RV park provided access to a system of lovely rail trails (the Swatara Trail being one), and even the Appalachian Trail if you had the energy to run a few miles down the rail trails.

We only left the park by Jeep a few times. Jake went out for new running shoes and battery system supplies. We both ventured out once for a pilgrimage to Wegmans.

But mostly… we ran. And read. And binge-watched the final few seasons of Silicon Valley. We enjoyed not having to track the news all day every day.

Jake re-did our house battery system, which was due for some maintenance. Luckily, there are farm stores in this area of the country, and he was able to find one that could handle building the wiring we needed. I did my part, helping him with the job, by sitting in a chair outside, reading, and monitoring Lucy.

We hid. And Pine Grove, PA provided the perfect hiding place.

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