Carolina Beach, NC

We’ve been a bit rudderless in deciding where we want to be, and where we are going to head to next. A few days before deciding we were ready to relocate somewhere, we decided the ocean sounded nice.

We hadn’t stayed near Wilmington yet, so we set about snagging a campsite at the state park in Carolina Beach, which is just outside of Wilmington. We rolled in on a Friday afternoon before the park’s gates were to be locked. The powers that be at Carolina Beach State Park lock the gates at curfew and you are not allowed to leave or enter. In January that curfew is 6 pm, which sucks, but also – what else do we have to do?

And short story short – we didn’t do much of anything while In Carolina Beach. We ran to and from the beach. Walked around the trails looking for Venus Fly Traps which are not currently in season and therefore were not to be found, but are native to the area. Spent a few hours walking around downtown Wilmington. Chilled outside with Lucy. Ordered barely edible takeout tacos from a taco shop.

And then after seven days we left. Because that was the longest reservation we could snag. And also because we were a bit tired of being locked in from 6pm-8am.