Colorado Springs, CO, Part 1: DEXTER!

Dexter (and Andy) arrive at Denver International Airport.

Dexter & Daddin’ (this is my brother’s name since becoming a father. He has also been known to go by ‘Andy’, ‘Terd Burglar’ or ‘Dink Stankle’) made a flight out to see us for a week in Colorado Springs, CO. It was the best week ever. We did a lot of little boy things and some grown boy things and mostly we had fun (although sometimes Dexter became infuriated and proclaimed: “I hate your RV!!!” and threw tantrums because we asked him to take a shower). I wish that we could tow a smaller RV behind our RV so that Dexter and Daddin’ could live with us forever (but also so that Dexter has a different place to go scream about hating our RV when he has to shower).  I could go into a ton of detail regarding all the awesome things we did while Dex and Daddin’ were in town, but I feel like that would get boring (because I can and will literally talk about Dexter all day long). So, I’m just going to mention some Texans we parked next to who liked the Dallas Cowgirls but redeemed themselves by teaching us how to season a steak.  And now I’m just going to post an obnoxious amount of photos and attempt to give them descriptive labels. 

It was awesome. We’re already scheming on how to get Dexter & Daddin’ back to Dyna soon!