Ditching Dyna: ‘Home for Christmas’

‘Home.’ It has become a word that needs a footnote in both writing and discussion. ‘Home’ as a location is now transient for us. We call ‘Dyna’ home, but we keep moving her. In this sense, home has been a dusty RV park in Utah. A paved 50x30ft spot crammed between travel trailers in Texas. A plot of BLM land without other human life forms for miles in New Mexico. That form of ‘home’ keeps changing.  We all know ‘home’ as a feeling too; in my heart, I know much of ‘home’ for me is still at ‘home.’ That ‘home’ is Western New York. For me, it spans from Rochester to Owego with a few pit stops in between. But when we recently were ‘home’ (the NY version), I found myself missing ‘home’ (the Dyna version). When I’m in our ‘Dyna home’, I miss our ‘NY home’.  Home has become a wonderfully tricky word. 

I forgot how good it feels to be able to show up at a favorite watering hole (knowing how to get there without GPS) and have friends show up and know exactly where to find us, at the same tattered booth we always sit. To have friends understand that yes, we will be ordering Cajun Tots, yes, they are a food group in themselves, and yes, they are for everyone. And then much of the conversation will pick up right where it left off before we left this ‘home’. We don’t need to preface our tales of conquering the world with a background story, because these people already know it. Many of them were there for events that shaped us and gave us the wings to venture wherever our wheels are pointed. And if I did attempt to tell them ‘our history’ many of them would probably correct me of errant details or events that I have forgotten.  They already know that I once spent a month only eating things that were ‘dinosaur themed’ and that I have special ‘Googling’ talent beyond any of your wildest dreams. I never have to ‘check myself’ before I make a comment relating to ‘poop’ (yes, I still think poop is hilarious). There is a sense of ease; so little energy has to be expended on these most of these relationships.

Road friendships are truly another type of gift. We have met some insanely awesome people on the road, and I hope our paths continue to converge. Road friendships are different, but I don’t think of them as ‘better’ or ‘worse’ than the friendships we’ve spent years nurturing with friends back in our ‘NY home’. The people we meet and share pieces of ourselves with on the road are shaping our lives in entirely new ways. Our perspectives are molded by the stories we hear.  We find ourselves questioning ideas we used to take as ‘fact’ and exploring new concepts we never even knew existed. It is excellently intriguing, and sometimes exhausting to make a new friend.  It seems to me it takes a lot more energy to begin a friendship than to maintain one. We really enjoy trying to figure out who these new friends and the role they are playing in our life. When we meet someone new, we sincerely look forward to learning more about them and their experiences; but that comes with the trade-off of ‘ease’. Studying and learning anything is often exhausting, and we’ve found studying and learning about new people all the time has the same effect. We learn some of the most interesting, important, and also ridiculous things from these friends. And as I’m sure our new friends must do,  we have to choose what and how much people know about us; these relationships don’t benefit from the luxury of time.  And then, sooner than later, we part ways to each continue on our respective adventures. We might not see these people for months, or years, or maybe we’ll never see them again. It’s strange. Sometimes we feel like we’ve formed some strong foundations for friendship, and other times we’ve just enjoyed an evening of ‘shooting the sh*t’.  But I think of almost all of these ‘road friends’ as we venture along our path. 

And now that you have been tricked into reading ‘semi-deep thoughts with Liz’, wegmansI will let you know that the above was complete bullsh*t and the real reason I miss my ‘NY home’ is because of Wegmans. For those of you who don’t know what Wegmans is or don’t have the opportunity to shop there, I am so very sorry for you. For those of you who have access to the dreamland that is Wegmans, no explanation is needed. We have been traveling the Mid-West for 6 months now; I have yet to find a store that is half of that greatness that is Wegmans. In case you would like to debate this fact, stop. Is the earth flat? Let’s debate! Wegmans being the best? Yeah… no. Don’t even start.

Now, I will present a photo montage of our trip to our ‘NY home.’ Actually, no. First some more words. While it’s been an ongoing goal of mine to improve my ability to remember to photographically document events, I continue to suck at it. I could blame it on being too engrossed in the interaction or activity I forget to photograph, but if I am being honest, it probably has something to do with my forgetfulness. So, because many reunions went ‘undocumented’, I wanted to give a shout out to some people who catalyzed the ‘warm-fuzzies’ for us on our trip ‘home’. Sprinkling love on ‘Mama’ Rita, the beautiful Liz (yes, there is another beautiful Liz), and the bad*ss Kara who I spent an extended lunch hour eating cookies while ogling attractive doctors with. And Janel, who entertained Jake for hours (I’m assuming with tequila) while I spent some QT with my G, Meggy. ‘Lots of time’ G’ing out is never enough time with my G. Then there is the ‘total package’, Richard Hesselbarth and his handsome and smart sidekick, Matt with whom we spent an evening gorging on Pho. Thanks for letting us play with your beautiful baby boys, Jess (and Mary!) And Patti; we so love spending time with you. I always leave your company feeling 10 feet tall. Uncle Tom & Aunt Terry, thanks not just for a delicious dinner, ‘the purple drink’ and great company, but also for spending an entire day toting furniture across town with us; you are good folk and better family. And then there is my dad (arguably one of the greatest dads in the world), who is an elusive creature to photograph anyways. And mom; we must have been too consumed with putting the bunnies ‘to bed’ to stop for a photo. I love you all. For real. 

And now, for real this time, here is some photo documentation of bits and pieces of our trip home.

Being ‘home’ felt amazing. Just like most trips to any given place, there were places that went unvisited, and more importantly, people I wish I had gotten to reconnect with (yeah, if you live in the area and I didn’t see you, I’m probably talking to you). After some shoddy travel days, we are back in our ‘Dyna home’ in our ‘current home base’ of Houston. As good as our ‘NY home’ felt, it feels good to be back in Dyna ‘living the dream’ too. Until next time, ‘NY home,’ we’ll be taking you along in our super corny hearts. 

2 comments on Ditching Dyna: ‘Home for Christmas’

  • Bob Collins

    Where did you “ditch” Dyna while you traveled to NY? Were you concerned for her safety?

    • Liz (author)

      Hi Bob! This time, we actually just left her in an RV park. We booked a month (to get the monthly rate), and discussed leaving her there with the management who kept an eye on her for us. 🙂 We worried a little bit, of course, but it was all good! We would definetely consider a storage facility in the future (cheaper by far!)

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