Natchitoches/Kisatchie National Forest, LA

After a few weeks of celebrating Carnival in New Orleans, we needed a little time to cleanse our souls. The gods of boondocking smiled upon us and we stumbled into a wildcamping dream spot in the Kisatchie National Forest just outside of Natchitoches (no, don’t ask me how to say that word) Louisiana. 

We spent 2 nights and a day straight chilling in the forest. We walked. We geocached. We watched a horde of ants travel amongst their ant cities. We made pancakes and ate candy. We watched movies and had bonfires. And we weren’t inundated with drunk people. Actually, we didn’t see any people. And we didn’t have to pay any money. I’d say it was a win all around. (I still love you drunk people; but the break was nice)

For those interested in hanging out with ants deep in the forest, visit: Custis Camp in National Red Dirt Wildlife Management Preserve. It’s easily big rig accessible. There were no other folks enjoying the ants over a weekend in February. Cell service (Verizon) sucked (or we might still be hanging out there). 

Peace out, awesome people-less wildcamping spot.

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