Fort Collins, CO

We love Colorado. A lot. Fantastic beer. Amazing opportunities for outdoor activities. Ghost towns. The Rockies almost always looming in the distance. Adventure culture. But there is more in Colorado for us to love than just the ‘Colorado’ of Colorado. 

We’ve got people here. 

And the people let us moochdock in their driveway.

And they cook us food and share adult beverages with us.

And they are generally more kind, thoughtful, and engaging than is probably warranted.

So, we spent several very relaxing, engaging days with living as neighbors to Micheal and Robin. We shared food. And wine. And beer. And hot toddies. And great conversation. Also, their neighbors have two gorgeous horses, which I thoroughly enjoyed staring at out of the dash window many times a day. Robin and Micheal took the time to show us around town (again) and took us to some of their favorite eateries (I’m thinking of you and your deliciousness, Lucile’s). It’s hard for me to describe the feeling of spending time with such warm people; the word that comes to mind is more of a sound: sigh

Since our last (brief) stop in Fort Collins an old friend from Rochester, Blake, has moved into the area. So, while in town we met up for coffee and catch up conversation. He brought gifts of donuts and a baby. The baby was his. Her name is Ada. Ada didn’t drink any coffee or eat any donuts. She did provide ample adorableness and was super chill. Later on, Blake allowed us to meet his wife, Megan. Thanks for being confident enough that we wouldn’t act a fool to introduce us to your daughter and wife, Blake. Sadly, we failed to photographically document this meet-up, so you’ll just have to deal with this depiction of us that I just drew a few seconds ago. 



While exploring the town of Fort Worth (it’s loaded with cute shops and cafes), I noted that one of the coffee shops served ‘real NY bagels’. So, I ate one. And it was good. And it was NY style. And I was grateful. You’ve really got something good going on there, Fort Collins. Pre-RV me did not realize that good bagels were something that I would miss. Sorry Einstein Bros- your fluffy bagels lose.

All good things eventually end. But we can’t be too sad… our next stop: another moochdock! We’re headed back to Denver for a little driveway surfing, Knotowicz style!