Medicine Bow National Forest, WY

We heard reports of some good National Forest land between Laramie and Cheyenne, so we pointed Dyna that way. Reports we confirmed- solid boondocking spot out around Pole Mountain in Medicine Bow National Forest. Seriously- gorgeous country. And, as an added bonus, we were the only folks out there for our two night stay! Double bonus: a presidential debate occurred during our stay. And personally, there isn’t a better motivator for experiencing some ‘alone time’ than a presidential debate. 

Of course, it’s been a few posts since we’ve had to write about repairs. But don’t worry, Dyna’s got your back. She knows you love reading about repair work. Especially plumbing repair work.

Our kitchen sink is situated in our front slide. So every time the slide runs in/out, the hose runs with it. The stock hose (a spa hose) isn’t all that flexible, and occasionally decides to snap under pressure from the slide. Jake has had to replace the plumbing in that area before- twice. This time, he decided he wasn’t just going to replace it. He was going to improve it. A elephant nose flexible hose, two weeks, and another trip to Home Depot later, and we were up and running.

If it weren’t for the draw of some family type folks down in Colorado, we would have stayed on our swath of lonely land for an indefinite amount of time. But Colorado calls, so on we roll!