Rock Springs, WY

Fun fact: Wyoming had the lowest population of all 50 states. So much land. So few people. Not always a bad thing… 

We meandered into Rock Springs, WY and parked the big lug at the fairgrounds. After searching for a working water spigot to hook-up to for way longer than was appropriate, we put down our levelers and settled in for a few nights. We woke up to crazy wind and freezing rain sideways freezing hail. It didn’t stop for two days. Our weather app made no mention of the possibility of this type of weather. We noted that the weather was unpredictable and inconsistent (half the sky sunny, half brooding) during our entire stay. Maybe this is why more people don’t live here? Regardless, I was okay with the excuse to hole up inside and catch up on some reading and baking. 

When the rain/hail/snow situation decided to call it quits, we had the opportunity to explore some pretty sweet land. Just outside of Rock Springs is a wild horse reserve. Fun fact: I LOVE HORSES. All of them. Every single one. 

I grew up reading about the wild mustangs of the West (the only history I spent much energy on when I was a child involved horses). And here, in Rock Springs, they still hang out! 

Sadly, their numbers are being systematically reduced as grazing rights have been a point of contention with local agriculture. So, if you’re looking for a mustang, you’ve got your pick for only $180. I haven’t been able to talk Jake into triple towing a horse trailer yet. (I haven’t even won the ‘Liz wants a bunny’ battle yet). 

We also used our short stay in Rock Springs to go check out Flaming Gorge, which runs down into Utah. We spent a Saturday driving and hiking in and around the gorge (and saw more wild horses on the drive!) It was an awesome time of year to be here- extra color in the trees and we pretty much had the place to ourselves. 

The town of Rock Springs appeared to thrive mostly on highway I-80 travelers over-nighting during their travels. There is a cute downtown area if you are willing to pop off the hotel path. And, if you ever find yourself in the cross country I-80 trip position (I happened to be in that position a few weeks prior!), I completely recommend taking an hour out of your schedule to go see the wild ponies! Although, I do have to remind you of my pony obsession…


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  • Jen

    I’m totally on your team in the ‘wants a bunny’ battle! I think it’s only a matter of time until we emerge victorious, cupcakes in one hand, bunny in the other. Because who goes into battle without cupcakes?

    • Liz (author)

      Your view on bunnies, cupcakes, and life in general only solidify my solid respect for your being 🙂

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