Tiger Bay State Forest, FL

We’ve got a whole lotta hubbub in the form of tiny humans and siblings coming to play with us in Dyna in the coming weeks. So, we decided to go hide out in the forest for a bit as a sort of ‘preparation for impending joyful chaos’.

We pulled into the Tiger Bay State Forest Equestrian campground on a Sunday afternoon, and for the next few days we were treated to fresh air and zero companionship in the form of human neighbors. We were also treated to the nightly calls of a bird that a ranger later informed us was the ‘Chuck-wil’s-widow’, but which we ended up calling the ‘wee-willy-winkis’ bird because, really, who can remember that things real name? This bird was persistent in it’s calls to find an evening lover. It cat-called potential mates ALL NIGHT LONG. And since we were without any hookups, my sound machine was not an option to drown out the calls of our wee-willy-winkis friend.

I took a lot of naps.

We were also #blessed to meet many other local creatures. Like gigantic turtles, who were not scary. And big black snakes, who were only a little scary. And a gigantic horrible spider hanging out inside Dyna who was terrifying.

We did venture into society twice – once to meet up with a friend (hi Ashley!) from Rochester who happened to be visiting with another friend (hi Alex!) who just moved to the area. (Good luck with those spiders and wee-willy-winkises dude). We ate tacos and caught up on all the latest and greatest news of Rochester.

We also ventured briefly into Daytona Beach, which is very nearby. We decided it wasn’t ‘for us’ and left after about an hour of walking around. Different strokes, different folks.

While we planned to stay 4 days out in the wilderness of Florida, we left after 3. The promise of beer and burgers poolside over at the Davis’ (hi Chanelia & Mike) household in Lake Mary was too tempting. With the knowledge that it would be a later evening, and the Florida wilderness was a full hour from Lake Mary, Jake found us a county park near Lake Mary with an open RV slot. Lake Monroe County Park is very nice – based on the single night spent there. If you have the honor of knowing Chanelia & Mike, you know that a good time was had.

Before heading out of Lake Mary towards Disney (gasp!) we stopped to get the old lady beast serviced. While the service took a bit longer than expected (company roadside emergency involving tow trucks towing tow trucks, apparently), we were (initially) pleased with the work and the price of engine and generator maintenance. One thumb up for Paul’s Auto & Truck Repair in Sanford, FL. (Update, 5/2/17): We are no longer pleased. After driving long enough to build up some pressure/sloshing in the oil areas, the rear of Dyna is covered in nasty, grimy, oil. Dyna is a lady! She doesn’t roll like that. Due to the fact that we were not having such a problem until very close to post oil change (and we hadn’t even opened the bay since), we’re pretty sure somebody over at Paul’s made a boo-boo. Ah, the joys of full-tine travel. We’re now 700mi+ away from Paul’s, and therefore can’t make them look at their mess. 

(Original post, cont.) On freshly oiled parts, we headed towards Disney – where fate awaits us in the form of multiple siblings and 2 tiny humans who will attempt to live together in a 40×10 space for a week. And wouldn’t you know it? We entered our first ‘line ride’ upon pulling in.



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