Hahira, GA

We hid out in small town Georgia to try and cure our Disney induced hang-overs.

And that’s pretty much all we did for 3 days in Hahira, GA.

Disney hang-overs are hard.

The RV park we stayed at was really cute though. They had lots of rules about not partying and some ducks that did a duck parade by the rig 3-4 times a day. We liked it.

Pretty much the only time we left Dyna was to eat some shitty Mexican style food in Hahira (which is a wicked cute town). Otherwise, we worked to catch up on the work/crap we put off while living on Disney magic.

Yep. That was Hahira for us. Fully recommended if you want to be somewhere where there isn’t much to do. Nothing to do is a secret #blessing sometimes. Binge watching The Office isn’t so guilt inducing.