Hershey, PA

We’re heading South. And guess what?


Have I told you lately that I love candy?

Hershey Park Camping Resort

We rolled into Hershey Park Camping Resort on a Thursday and picked out a pull through spot before heading down into town to grab some hot chocolate. Because we’re only in Hershey for 4 days – and I fully intend to fill those four days with chocolate.

The campground wasn’t a ‘great deal’ financially, but it was a ‘great deal’ in that it was close to all things chocolate. And, we occasionally caught wiffs of chocolate wafting in the air from the chocolate factory that was less than a mile up the road.

Dreams do come true!

I’m a big Hershey’s chocolate fan. I grew up on Hershey Chocolate Bars delivered by the hands of my father every time he filled up our car at the Kwik Fill. My dad never could pass up a ‘3 for a dollar’ chocolate bar sale. I never did complain.

We visited Hershey Chocolate World, and surprisingly came out with only a few bags of Chocolate Twizzlers (so good) and a bag of Reese’s type candy that Jake said I couldn’t eat because they were to be shared with his co-workers (we’re headed towards DC next) during an office work day.

Jake also set up an appointment for us to get Chocolate Massages at the Hershey Spa. My massage was magical. As was the time spent before the massage where we got to lounge in this fancy pre-massage spa room where there were bowls of all-you-can-eat Hershey Kisses and endless refills of hot chocolate. We rounded out our evening of massages and unlimited Hershey Kisses by eating ‘real food’ at the Old Mill Restaurant in town.

Because I want to live – I made sure to run every day while in Hershey. When I ran through the town of Hershey I was greeted by candy wrappers littering the ground. I don’t like litter, but… this litter was almost acceptable. I started picking some wrappers up with intentions to throw them away – but then I started finding full wrappers! Jake says I’m not to eat candy that I find on the ground, but…

I also drove out to Harrisburg one morning to pick up an RV part that we needed – and ran along the river there. So many bridges! And I made sure to run past the state capitol building. Surprise! It looked like all the other state capitol buildings!

Troeg’s Brewing is also stationed in Hershey, PA. So, we made a trip over to Troeg’s Brewing to enjoy a beer and dinner one evening. Troeg’s has enjoyable beer – and giant grilled cheese sandwiches. We appreciate Troeg’s.

By our fourth day in Hershey, we had packed ourselves near brimming with chocolate and felt okay leaving town. I wasn’t ‘stoked’ to leave the opportunity to visit the chocolate store and hot chocolate shop and Troeg’s whenever we wanted – but I was okay with it.

I guess that means we did a pretty good job making sure we got our chocolate fill.

On to the DC area- with a little bit of chocolate left on board.