Omaha, NE

Disclaimer: This blog was written at a significant delay (October 2018). As in, the delay was so significant, that I don’t feel that I can accurately represent our time at this location in story form. So, I am just going to post photos I captured here and then ramble about some of my clear memories of the place via some bullet points.

How did I get so far behind? Well, there was a summer visit from a nephew, and also a giant party in Rochester that needed to be planned for. But, also, if it comes down to blog writing or sleep – I will always choose sleep. So anyways, back on the blog game. But in abbreviated form until I catch up to the present day.

We heard our friends Bob & Janice were headed to Omaha, NE to go see Warren Buffet. We don’t know Warren Buffet, but we do know and love Bob & Janice. And when they suggested we should come see them in Omaha, and join them in attending the Annual Shareholders Meeting of Berkshire Hathaway, we decided ‘yeah, ok, that sounds fun.’ So, we drove the 8 hours from Denver to Omaha.

  • $8 bucket of VooDoo!

    We had an $8 bucket of VooDoo donuts to fuel us on this haul. We literally ate only VooDoo donuts for all of the day on May 2nd.

  • I don’t like to drive more than 5 hours in one jaunt, so we took an overnight break at the Archway in Kearney, NE. It was a nice overnight stop. The lot was level. It was quiet. There was a trail that provided us with several miles of running the next morning. This was helpful in detoxing from the ‘only eat donuts all day’ choice we made during the previous day’s haul.

We rolled into Omaha for a spot at Walnut Creek County Park where Bob & Janice had scouted out a prime plot for us. It’s a popular first-come-first-served park, so it was nice having Bob & Janice to save us a spot. There are definetely downsides to rolling around the roads with an immense rig. One being that we can’t fit in every spot in every park. So rolling into a popular first-come-first-served park can be risky. Bob & Janice had our backs though. Which was good, because we came to Omaha to hang out with Bob and Janice. And also, Warren Buffet.

Our Highlights in Omaha:

  • We got to hang out with Bob & Janice & Guinness for a week! Bob cooked us food with his new toy, the Sous Vide. He also tried to teach us to fly his drone, but only succeeded in showing us how good he is at flying his drone and how much practice Jake and I need in drone flying. He also entertained Lucy for several minutes with said drone until she got bored and returned to eating grass.
  • Bob & Janice took us to meet Warren Buffet, Charlie Munger, and 42,000 of his other best friends! Aka, Bob & Janice invited us to attend the Berkshire Hathaway Annual Shareholder’s Meeting as their guests. I never even knew this Berkshire Hathaway thing was a thing. But boy, it is a thing. It is kind of like a 26.2 Expo except for people who really like financial things. And money. It was actually really cool – and people were STOKED to be there. Bob and Jake got up at 4am to get to the convention center before gates opened – and then still had to run once they got in the door in order to get seats that were in the actual arena. Crazy town. I really love when people have a passion for something. Even if I don’t share that passion. Although I will admit it was very interesting to listen to Warren and Charlie answer questions and explain their opinions in real time. Even though I didn’t understand half of what they were talking about. Charlie kept eating candy during the ‘meeting’, so I felt a strong connection with who he is as a person. And then I went to the expo hall and bought a variety of his many available candies. I bought the one called Scotchmallows. Scothmallows are the perfect combination of chewy caramel and fluffy marshmallow enrobed in See’s perfect dark chocolate. That is a direct advertising statement. And it’s true. Which is why Scotchmallows are now my new favorite candy. (I wonder why Charlie and Warren are so rich…)
  • Omaha is an interesting little city. We found a few decent breweries/brewpubs. And a giant Antique store situation (I usually hate antique stores – I grew up in one) that had really weird shit in it like a Lady Gaga Piano and a Candy Ambulance (?!?!?!) AND also a crapton of candy for us to buy and try. So I liked this antique store. Its a pretty walkable city, and we did a lot of walking around – near the river and through the parks. We ate homemade  ice cream and sniffed in the stench of the trees that were blossoming. Omaha also really likes popcorn. The grocery store that I shopped at had an entire half and aisle dedicated just to popcorn. It was amazing. I like popcorn. So does Omaha.

Hanging with Bob and Janice and Warren and Charlie (we’re all BFFs now guys – we sat in the same arena with them and I bought their candy so clearly that means BFFs) in Omaha was awesome. We could have stayed awhile. Especially if I could have figured out who owned the Candy Emergency Wagon and convinced them to let me drive it around. But I didn’t find that person, and as much as I love candy, I’m no thief. So maybe better luck next time.

Until then I’ll just keep driving Dyna down the road and keep her stocked with candy and I will add ‘paint Dyna to look like a candy emergency mobile’ to my list of things to beg Jake to do in the near future.

The list of things I NEED Jake to do now includes:

  • bunny
  • pony
  • paint Dyna to resemble a Candy Emergency vehicle