Erie, PA

Regroup. After spending months either rolling around with guests (which we love to do!) and then parking longer than desired back ‘home’ to take care of some family business, we three really needed to regroup.

And regrouping is what Erie, PA provided us.

We rolled out of Owego, NY with no firmness about where our wheels would take us. After a pitstop for lunch with Jake’s family in Olean, NY, we ended our day in Erie, PA. When Erie popped into our brains, we figured we’d just park overnight at the casino again, and then head out in the morning.

But personally, I just wanted to be somewhere. Just the three of us. In Dyna. Just being.

So, Jake dialed up Sara’s Campground and they had a few nights available for us. We pulled into a tight campground, but the less than 1 minute walk to the beach more than made up for sardine style living accommodations.

The running was supreme. A 13ish mile paved loop trail through Presque Isle State Park which hugged the lake most of the time… heaven.

And that’s what we did. We ran every morning. We sat on the beach and watched the sunset every evening. We worked and napped during the days. Jake left the RV once. To go get barbecue. I refused to leave. I demanded beach and running trail only. He brought me back vegan wings… which were delightful. So I forgave him for leaving for 30 minutes.

We’ve got a date with a group of friends in the mountains of Colorado in early November. So that’s where our wheels are rolling for now. A bit too quickly for my liking, but not so quickly that I feel ‘squished.’ But yeah – that’s our next ‘destination’. There will be a few stops on the way though.