Indianapolis, IN

We’re massively interested in cities that offer a place to plop Dyna’s levelers down within city limits. We’ve found that not enough cities – major or minor – offer this convenience. And convenience is almost always what an RV park/city park/parking lot in a city offers. When we roll into a place within city limits, we aren’t expecting a solid night’s sleep without employing some sleeping aids. EARPLUGS GUYS. SOUND MACHINE. Not drugs. Usually.

Indianapolis permits RV docking at their State Fairgrounds, which is nice of them. And also you have to pay them. Which is not as nice of them. Especially since hunting down someone to pay is a royal pain in the trunk. The RV sites are kind of all over the place at the fairgrounds, so we just parked in the area we decided we wanted to and nobody bothered us – not even to get their money. Hence the hunting for a hand to place the money in.

The fairgrounds are conveniently located on a biking/running trail. Ultimate convenience! We’ve been on a running binge lately.

We spent our single full day in Indianapolis galloping through long runs on the running path, taking quick naps, then walking around the artsy district of Indianapolis. We saw a sign that promised Sushi-Burritos which is a creation we do not pass up.

Before rolling onward in the direction of Denver, we popped downtown for fancy coffee/tea drinks (because Jake is a mutant and doesn’t drink coffee… like a mutant) and checked out the Indy City Market.

After finally finding a uniformed paw to place some cash for our use of the water, electric, and sewer hook-ups at the fairgrounds, we pulled up our levelers and pointed Dyna’s blunted nose to St. Louis – a much anticipated (WE LOVE ST.LOUIS!!!!) and just ‘planned’ stop over on our route to the Rocky Mountains.