St. Louis, MO – II

St. Louis can be made to be on the way from NY to Denver, in case you are wondering.

And in St. Louis, there lives a magical edible likely non-nutrient fare called: pizza. But don’t be fooled. This shit is not pizza. It is its own creation. Which sort of resembles pizza. And I have craved this stuff on the regular since the first time I bit into that crackery, salty-weird-cheese delight. And you know what? It is nutrient dense. Nutrient dense for my soul.

St. Louis has a downtown RV park. Which is incredibly located. Within a short walk from an IMOs. Which is where you can get some of the ‘pizza’ creation.

The RV Park is also walking or running distance from the Arch. And Schlafly brewery. And the riverfront trail. And about a bajillion other runable areas.

We walked from the RV park to the City Museum – which is the best museum in the world. And if you don’t believe, me you are wrong. We spent a day drinking and people watching at the Museum – and did a bit of crawling through tunnels and stuff too.

One day while I was out running, a friendly St.Louis lady offered me some free candy. And hell yes I did accept that free candy. St. Louis people are very friendly, in general. And sometimes they give you candy. Which I think makes you the best kind of person.

On another day, a day which I ran together with Jake, we ended up near the World Chess Hall of Fame. So we popped in and were delighted to find that it is another of St. Louis’ free offerings! And even though I’m not super interested in chess, it was a pretty interesting place. Mostly because it was secretly about fashion (?) Whoever curated the museum must also realize that chess is not a real crowd pleaser, so they have an entire floor of the museum dedicated to how chess affects fashion. This is a person who knows the people. Jake likes chess though. He wasn’t as enthralled with the infiltration of fashion into his beloved game.

I randomly flew the St. Louis coop for a night to visit my sister, Kay, who was on business in Minneapolis. By way of the Jeep. Because sometimes it do be like that. But she was housed in a very fancy hotel with unlimited free angry water and it was an awesome feature. I wish I had unlimited free angry water.

But I didn’t stay away from St. Louis for too long. Mostly because that would mean missed opportunities to eat the ‘pizza’ (loosely used term).

Also, somehow on our first two visits to St. Louis we neglected to partake in Ted Drewes. Which was an epic mistake. Luckily, this go round, Cherie & Chris informed us that we would be sinning to miss this mainstay of STL life. Ted Drewes is the originator of the Concrete. Aka, the kind of ice cream creation where they mix custard and whatever your heart desires (I got pumpkin pie – literal chunks of pumpkin pie) into your ice cream and you can flip it upside down and the ice cream stays in the cup. We didn’t neglect Ted Drewes this go round. We will never neglect Ted Drewes again.

One of the highlights of our time in St. Louis 2019 edition, was getting to meet up with our friend Dennis. We met Dennis while we were living at the Fairground in Sioux Falls, SD. He works with the Budweiser Clydesdales. He’s a massively kind, and interesting dude. His hitch is based out of St. Louis, and we caught him on the last day of his ‘staycation’ before returning to the St. Louis hitch on the road. He hosted us at his apartment with a delightful meal of meat (for Jake) and vegetables (for me). And wine. And Budweiser.

We freaking adore St. Louis. It is a gritty, friendly, interesting city. There is so much free (and some paid) shit to keep you entertained. I mean, even their neglected signage is entertaining:

We heard rumor that our beloved St. Louis RV Park will be ‘no more’ by the time we venture back to STL. And that sucks. And I really hope that somehow this turns out to not be true. Because, guys – if St. Louis RV Park is still open and operating when you visit St. Louis – and you live in or own an RV – we completely recommend staying there, for the proximity to cool shit alone. I mean, it’s mostly just a level gravel parking lot with hook-ups. But also… it’s magical. And if you don’t have an RV, then just stay at the Drury by the Arch because they have free happy hour snacks.