Boothbay, ME

A brewery with an RV park onsite. Genius.

We made idiots of ourselves rolling into Boothbay Brewery & RV Park, having ignored the welcome email detailing that you should utilize the traffic circle to turn around and access the brewery’s road rather than making a 25-degree turn onto the road.

We made the 25-degree turn, with an audience. Miraculously, we were successful and were soon snuggled into a site abutting the brewery’s outdoor beer garden area.

After finishing up a Thursday afternoon of work-related tasks, we convinced Dexter yet again that breweries are fun because he gets to order a soda and we can play board games. We added to the fun by coercing him into trying his first fresh oyster. Oysters are offered on Thursdays at the brewery by a young man who gathers and shucks them for you. While not impressed by the oyster, he was happy with an order of pizzas and a shared lava cake.

On Friday morning, we embarked on a Puffin tour out of Boothbay. This involved a boat. The boat involvement decreased my interest in Puffin touring slightly. But only slightly.

After an hour of sloshing around on a sea-worthy gravy boat, we finally caught sight of Puffins, and they were awesome! 10/10 would look at Puffins again.

Dex puked in his hat on our rolling ride back to land. It’s very in his nature to rally, however. After his morning’s eggs and water had evacuated his stomach, he checked in with me to make sure we were still getting lobster rolls when we got off the boat. Jake bought him a new (Puffin!) hat and we made good on our promise of his first lobster roll – which he loved.

Boothbay was a bustling little town – not hitting a fellow tourist is an accomplishment.

Post Puffins and lobster rolls, we squeezed a few hours of work into the afternoon before returning to the brewery for another evening of onsite beers. This time the weather allowed us to hang outside. After a round of Bears-vs-Babies, we played several rounds of bocce ball, which in turn garnered us some new under 10-year-old friends.

On Saturday morning we were greeted by the head of the local neighborhood chicken association, who checked out the rig and then wandered off in search of worms and such. While Jake and I would have happily spent several more days at Boothbay Brewery and RV park, Dexter’s main goal in life (currently) is to be in bodies of chlorinated water. So, we rolled out Saturday afternoon in search of an RV park with a community fluid exchange (™, Andy, maybe).