Franconia, NH

I’m in love with Franconia, NH.

It is one of the most beautiful, uncrowded places I have experienced. The running in the area is superb. The views are outstanding. It’s quiet.

After two days in the area, I came back from a run and announced to Jake: “I’m ready to live here now.”

So, we started house shopping.

And then we realized that Franconia is 7.5 hours from ‘our people’ and 7 hours from a Wegmans.

And… we’re just not quite ready yet. We might be getting ready for roots. But not yet. Maybe soon. Maybe part-time roots. And maybe someday in Franconia, NH. Where there are mountains and backroads galore for running and hiking.

That’s pretty much all we did in Franconia. Hike and run.

Oh, and Scott came to visit. With his baby puppy named Ellie. Who Lucy tolerated.

Jake, Scott, Ellie, and I spent a long Saturday hiking in the White Mountains. We looped from the Appalachian Trail, up Mount Liberty, crossed over Franconia Ridge to Mount Lafayette, and descended down past Greenleaf Hut. It was amazing.

On Sunday, we hiked again – but shorter, and to a waterfall. Then we waited 45 minutes to thoroughly enjoy the pancake-centric offerings at Polly’s Pancake House.

Since we didn’t buy a house in Franconia, we did have to find somewhere to park Dyna during our time there. We found ourselves at Fransted Family Campground because they allow dogs (we’ve never had to deal with dog rules before!) and the state park campground does not. Fransted was great! We were in a nice corner site that provided grassy space for outside lounging and Lucy versus Ellie showdowns.

No animals (or people were harmed).

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