Olympia, WA

Sometimes, the realization that we are ‘living the dream’ hits me like a sack of hard candy. So many moments of perfection. I don’t believe in perfection as a constant state. But I do believe in it as moments; which are usually interuppted by something small pest (i.e. mosquito, roll of the ankle, cat pooping in the littler box, lube pump giving out- again, etc.).  But damn, when you’re in that moment, it’s good. So good. Perfect, in fact. 

We did a bit of ‘back tracking’ this month and headed back down towards Central-Western Oregon in preparation for getting some work done on the big lunk (see: Dyna). Olympia, WA provided a nice ‘in between’ point on our way back from Whidbey Island, WA. It also provided an option which didn’t need to be booked months in advance (we’re getting kind of lax in our planning, and summer is still in swing). In addition, it acted as a headquarters to base an Olympic National Forest Wilderness adventure out of. So, back to Olympia we went.  Once again (we stopped here for a few nights on our way up to Seattle), we parked amongst the wild children that govern Olympia Campground. It’s a very functional, cute campground….and they let you wash your rig there. We’re finding ‘rig washing’ is not typically allowed at many West Coast campgrounds. I mostly don’t mind this rule because that means I don’t have to wash the beast. (Don’t tell Jake). Bonus: there is a store at the campground to buy yourself an ice cream bar after you spend many hours scrubbing the bird feces and bug guts from your 40′ fiberglass box on wheels. Washing your giant bug slayer is not so bad when you promise yourself an ice cream bar after you are done. And maybe washing your rig provides some juxtaposition that’s needed to make the amazing of hiking in the Olympic Mountain range feel ‘perfect.’ 

Dirty Dy(a)na

We also got a chance to check out the Capitol grounds of Olympia, WA. We’ve found state Capitols to be prime for catching tons of Pokemon. Yes, we’re still riding that train. Olympia also plays host to the ‘Noah’s Ark’ sandwich at King Soloman’s Reef (see: roast beef, turkey, ham, mayo and 3 slices of american cheese all grilled with a waffle for bread). I still think about it more than I probably should. Perfection in sandwich form.  


Thanks for providing us with a few more moments of perfection, greater Olympia WA area. Our jar for holding these moments is overflowing. Guess I’ll need to go get a bigger jar. 

Reaching for perfection: Perfection would be if this sucker was real.


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  • Jim Miner

    It’s been great catching up on your travels. Maybe our travels will cross one of these days. My travels (to races) are mostly east of the Mississippi. But I do get out west sometimes. I’m on the road almost every weekend. Quit often racing in 2 different states the same weekend. To give you an example. Next weekend, I’m in Savannah, GA. Last weekend at home. The weekend before a 50K in CT. Before that the Munslog. The weekend befor that a 50K and a marathon in PA. and so on. I’ve been as far west as Wisconsin, to Florida and as far north as Lake Huron. But, I’m jealous of you two. Maybe when I retire in 2 years. Miss seeing you on the roads. Enjoy the rest of your travels.

    • Liz (author)

      Hi Jim!
      I think of you and your wildman racing ways. And we may be in luck; we are headed East for the next year or so! I would love to ‘run’ into you (literally). And, maybe when you retire, you can join our ‘caravan’ (currently a caravan of ‘one’). A van/RV would be a great base for sleeping between races 🙂

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