Williams, AZ

Phoenix is not just the place where we met Dyna, it’s also flipping hot!  We’ve spent the majority of our lives in upstate NY- where it’s not flipping hot.  Henceforth, we were inspired to head toward temperatures in which real human beings can survive; the closest destination involving these standards is Flagstaff.   We found a place to park our Dyna not too far out of Flagstaff at Railside RV Ranch in Williams, AZ.  Dyna labored up (& down, & up again) to finally reach 7,000ft+, but she did it!

FullSizeRender 2
High altitude running is a good excuse for photo breaks.

Williams, AZ is awesome.  You should probably visit here someday if you can. As the last town on Rte.66 to be bypassed by I-40, it’s full of character and characters.  Lot’s of trinket shops, old cars (note, I didn’t saw ‘classic’), a railroad company, and little else. Williams also has a train engine that states ‘Do not hump‘ in bold lettering on the front ; it’s been really tempting, but we’ve held out thus far.  We’ve been wandering around town on our runs and poking around looking at tchotchkes after Jake is finished slaving away at work all day (ok,ok, he really likes his job, but it sure appears laborious to me!). Also, Williams has a brewery with decent beer, so, it’s completely inhabitable.


It's Towmater!
It’s Towmater!
Testing out the tchotchkes.
Testing out the tchotchkes.
Libation Hydration. & Peanuts.
Libation Hydration. & Peanuts.
NOT humping.

On Saturday we headed up to Flagstaff (~30minutes East) to pop into a store that is bigger than a gas station (remember- Williams is ‘cute’) and stock up on some essentials (think: a cool new giraffe toothbrush cover! Jake loves impulse buying).  Brought our bikes for touring efficiency and fun and ended up on some pretty sweet gravel trails that are part of Flagstaff’s FUTS.  Found ourselves at the base of Mt. Elden and did some hiking/climbing before heading back into town for some beer (duh) at Historic Brewing Company. The Piehole Porter tasted of glory; I recommend consuming said beer as soon and often as possible.  We clearly hit up the town’s candy shop before stopping to see the Minions Movie (along with every other child in the city of Flagstaff).

Liz on Rocks
Resting on conquered rocks.
Two wheeled travels.
IMG_5693 2
Jake is a real poophead.

Life with Dyna continues to be awesome.  I continue to have to empty her poop tank about once a week.  The crows (or are they Ravens?) are freaking humongous and make wretched sounds.  It’s not 110º.  We’re surrounded by folks in the 60+ age range.  Jake tried on a poop hat. Everything is good here.

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  • Danielle Snyder

    Liz and Jake,
    I love hearing about your adventures ! It sounds amazing and I am so so excited for you guys . As well as super jealous 😉 keep writing and keep us update !

  • Fred Eade

    Thank you, Liz for the blog. A great way to accompany you on your adventure. Awesome pictures, too. Stay safe, have fun and I look forward to your next writing.

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