Ditching Dyna: Disney World

Hey, we’re in Disney World.

Back before we became nomads on wheels, we got an invite from a good friend to hit up Disney World for a week.  He just had ‘too much timeshare’ for one person. He wanted some friends to share the magic with. Sounds terrible right? 

Jake had never been to the magical mouse house before, so we were in from the get-go (even with all the terribleness of a ‘free place to stay in Disney World’ offer). This post won’t be long. Lets be honest; you’ve either been to Disney World and have seen/done what we did, or you will go to Disney World someday and see/do the things we did. Or you hate Disney world because you hate magic. Or you just hate overpriced vacations with copious amounts of emotionally unstable children running around. But probably, you just hate magic. 

We ditched Dyna at a semi-sketchy RV park outside of Austin, hopped on a plane, and hung out with other people’s screaming children and our dear friend ‘Jeffy’ for the week. 

The man. The myth. The legend. The ‘Jeffy’.

We spent our time in Disney doing a lot of walking, trying not to get run over by people in rascal scooters (the park is inundated with them), eating, people watching, and occasionally riding an attraction. Jake didn’t have to work all week! It was pretty great. We hit up all the parks within Disneyland and also spent a day riding from resort to resort to check out all the overpriced housing Disney had to offer. We even met up with our long lost friend Mike (of Mike & Chanelia) who moved from Rochester to Florida a before we moved from Rochester to Dyna. Sadly, we didn’t get to meet up with Chanelia, who is one heck of a hot mama. Anyways, we took a few pictures, but not too many, because we were busy Disneying. Also you can just google Disney World and see about a bagillion pictures that are way better than pictures I can take. 

Over and out of Morocco (okay, ‘Disney Morocco’) and back to Austin, TX! See you there!

Bye from Disney!