Nashville, TN (Round 3)

421mi of pavement lay between Atlanta and Louisville. Conveniently, so does Jake’s ‘cousin’ and her fiancee – Kara & Dave. They live in Nashville (because they’re hip like that). We had planned to meet up with them when we returned to Nashville to pick up Dyna after Christmas, but a plague knocked those plans off our calendar.

So, we decided to take a break in Nashville again. And this time, the rendezvous went down.

We parked our big butts out at Seven Points COE, which is a beautiful facility. We slept one night. We worked one day. We met up with Kara and Dave for Ramen at Two Ten Jack the next night. It was damned good. So was their company. So good, in fact, that I neglected to document any of either the food or the company pictorially.

Don’t worry though (I know you were worried). I have used my strong artistic abilities to portray our evening:

You’re welcome for that delightful depiction.

After we ate ramen we headed over to Kara & Dave’s so we could meet (and love on) their pup Sampson. Sampson is mad cool. He’s a definite OG.

And then, early the next morinng, we rolled out: Louisville, ponies, and Juleps – here we come!