Winston-Salem, NC

We rolled into the Winston-Salem, NC area with plans to ditch Dyna in a campground, and spend a week or two at our friends’ home. Scott and Nicky live outside of Winston-Salem, and even though they are both allergic to cats, they said we could bring Lucy over and spend two weeks living in a house with unlimited, high-pressured, hot shower water and full access to a washer and dryer that don’t wrinkle your cloths.

We ditched Dyna at Oak Hollow City Campground. Upon pulling in to the campground, we weren’t too sad to be leaving her. The area we were assigned a spot in was a back-in parking lot. And there was evidence that even though this was a parking lot camping area, people were still enjoying campfires. In mass. The ration of cars to rig led us to believe that this probably is not a peaceful campground in the evenings. Sorry, Dyna. You deal with rowdy campground campfire adults. We’ll be over at Scott and Nicky’s where there is a big screen TV and thick walls to defend against neighbor noises.

Lucy had to stay barricaded in the guest room so that Scott or Nicky didn’t have an allergic reaction to her musk. We were allowed to come out of the guest room and hang out with them though. So that was nice of Scott and Nicky!

I didn’t take many pictures during our two weeks of sticks and bricks living. And the ones I did take were pretty crappy in nature. We did do stuff though. For example, I fought the battle of the blinds on the daily. Scott also works from home. So for two weeks, Scott and Nicky’s home was an office of three. Except Scott likes to work in a dungeon of no natural light. Which is awful. So, every morning I opened the blinds when he was busy. And then while I was busy doing something, he would close them. And this would go on all day long. For two weeks.

Ok, maybe we didn’t do anything super notable. But I think I won the battle of the blinds. So does anything else really matter?

We did check out a winter lights festival one evening. The lights were nice. However, Santa was missing. Which was concerning.

And we hit up Small Batch for ridiculous milkshakes and Veggie Burgers one evening. Except Jake got a meat burger because he is a person who eats meat because he’s like that.

And on another evening we walked around downtown Winston-Salem and imbibed at Incendiary Brewery. Incendiary was freaking neat. It is tucked under what appeared to be an old train station or rail yard of some form. And their beer was palatable. We then tried to get pizza from about 3 different places – none of which worked out because 1. had a 3 hour wait 2. had a kitchen fire (-what?!) and 3. had a two hour wait. We did finally get take-out pizza to eat on the couch while we watched the Walking Dead. Because Scott and Nicky are really into the Walking Dead right now. And everyone hates Carl.

The running in the general area of Scott and Nicky’s home kind of blows if you’re trying to run more than 3 miles. So, I found myself driving out to Salem Lake to run laps and get some miles in. It’s very pretty there – and there are no cars trying to hit you.

When one of the above noted activities weren’t taking place we mostly just hung out. After work. On the couch. And watched TV. Like regular people do I think. It was enjoyable. Because Scott and Nicky’s couch is large and smushy and fits 4+ people! Dyna’s couch barely fits one person.

And then we had to leave the comfy confines of Scott and Nicky’s home. And I had to step away from the battle of the blinds. Because we’ve got to move Dyna down to Asheville. Because guess what. (WHAT?) SCOTT and NICKY ARE GONNA GET MARRIED IN ASHEVILLE! So, we’re moving to Asheville for a few weeks. All of us. See you then!

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  • Bobbie Crump

    Enjoy Asheville…such a neat place. Lots of cool stuff to do.

  • John

    Love Asheville, I actually live here in town and it’s one of my favorite places I have ever resided! Great food, great people, and beautiful views! You will love getting married here!

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