Asheville, NC (II)

Some people like Asheville, NC. Some people like getting married. Some people like getting married in Asheville, NC.

Scott & Nicky Get Married

We like Asheville, NC. A lot. But, we already did the getting married thing. But! We were in luck. Because our friends Scott and Nicky, who also really like Asheville, NC, felt like getting married. So, naturally, they decided to do it in Asheville. Which brought us back to Asheville, NC. Because we weren’t about to miss witnessing Scott getting married to Nicky. In Asheville.

After spending the past two weeks with Scott & Nicky at their house in Winston-Salem, we moved Dyna down to Wilson’s Riverfront RV Park in Asheville, which we find to be a very nice little park, well situated within Asheville. The park’s placement provides for decent running routes, access to Asheville offerings, a view of the river, and a bit of road noise. And, because apparently we can’t spend time in Asheville without snow – Wilson’s provided a space for Dyna to get snowed on for the 3rd time since we’ve owned her.

Dyna in Asheville Snow

But, before Scott & Nicky could get hitched in Asheville, we were obligated (by being American) to celebrate Thanksgiving. Because that’s what Americans like to collectively do at the end of November every year.

Nicky’s parents were kind enough to invite us to join in their family celebration of gluttony up at their home in Raleigh, NC. So, for the second time this month, we ditched Dyna – this time for just a few days. We cooked up some deviled eggs, packed them into the Jeep and drove back up to Winston-Salem, where we ditched the Jeep, crammed ourselves and the eggs into the back of Scott & Nicky’s vehicle with Nicky’s 9 year-old daughter Laura, and marinated in the smell of deviled eggs together as a crew of 5 for a drive up to Raleigh.

Before Nicky’s parents put on a feast fit for us (because we ARE KINGS) – we spent a day treating Nicky and Scott to some pampering as they prepared for their upcoming nuptials.

And then we Thanksgivinged. While Nicky’s mom hustled away in the kitchen, we enjoyed the company of Scott’s parents and grandparents (Bernie! Rena! The BEST!), a smorgasbord of Nicky’s family, the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day parade, and football. Because #america. It was a very pleasant (and delicious) day.

And then we reversed our travel route back to Winston-Salem via the Scott & Nicky mobile, picked up the Jeep, and returned to Dyna in Asheville, where we had a few hours to snuggle Lucy before heading out to begin official Scott & Nicky marriage celebrations at Sierra Nevada’s Asheville outpost.

And suddenly – it was Scott & Nicky wedding day! Gosh I love weddings. A perfect excuse to get swanky.

Nicky & Scott went with a mountain wedding style day – with intents to caravan up into the mountains surrounding Asheville with a few close family members and commit to each other FOR-EV-ER.

The wedding mobile!

But, because life is life, the caravan got stuck behind a small car accident on the windy road up the mountain, and then got turned back at the entrance of the Blue Ridge Parkway – which had been closed without warning. So, because Scott & Nicky roll, we caravanned back down the mountainside to a lovely little lakeside park surrounded by the mountains – and they committed to each other there. It was a really beautiful day – even though Scott tried his hardest to ruin the beauty with his face. ( I jest – sort of).

And then, after a long day of caravanning up and down the mountains, we celebrated by eating food of the most delicious quality at Nine Mile. Seriously, Nine Mile. Foodgasm. If I lived permanent style in Asheville I would possibly eat here and only here. Or maybe here mostly with occasional breaks for Biscuit Head or White Duck or Hole in case Nine Mile is closed or in case I need to eat breakfast or something that isn’t Nine Mile sometimes. But mostly just Nine Mile.

After a nightcap at Wicked Weed, we called it an evening and reconvened in the morning for breakfast at Biscuit Head. And then the brand new Barons (that’s Nicky & Scott guys!) headed off into their future and we decided to hang out in Asheville for a few more days. We ate at Nine Mile again. #because. We did a little Christmas shopping downtown. We popped into White Duck Tacos. And we did a ‘breakfast’ tour involving some donuts that I think were secretly just funnel cakes in the shape of donuts and more tacos.


But our favorite part of our time in Asheville this go round was definitely the wedding of Scott & Nicky. It was a pretty magical day. And also, we ate Nine Mile that day. But Jake’s heart may have broken a bit with the realization that he and Scott are now both officially married and not to each other.

Anyways, we’re headed South again. I was dumb and signed myself up for some ultra marathon in the Spartanburg area. I’ll report back.

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