Burlington, VT

After a harrowing drive in our behemoth of a mobile home through the busy, crowded streets of Burlington, we arrived at a janky little campsite at North Beach Campground.

We were pretty stoked about this campground, which is nestled next to a greenway that juts into Lake Champlain if you travel North, and terminates in the city of Burlington if you traverse two-miles South.

The campground left a bit to be desired; mostly in the form of space. While most of our neighbors during our week-long stay at North Beach Campground were quiet, there was one neighbor who traveled by van and shared with us the very loud, very questionably ‘might light itself on fire’ noises of his AC all day and all night. We also expected to have sewer (full) hook-ups at our site, but were mistaken. This typically wouldn’t be an issue, but I did not plan for the lack of sewer and therefore was not ahead on laundry. I was forced to patronize the laundromat across town so that we could continue to wear clean undergarments. Amateur hour over here, clearly.

Burlington is lovely. It lives on Lake Champlain and provides excellent views of the Adirondack mountain range on the opposing shore.

We spent our time in Burlington enjoying views through the lens of the lake, poking about (and eating poke bowls on!) Church Street, and running from end-to-end on the Greenway. We snagged excellent Tibetan Momo and Maple sweetened Lemonade at the Saturday Farmer’s market. We finished a Sunday run at the Lake Champlain Chocolates flagship store and followed that up with Montreal wood-fired bagels. My mouth is watering thinking about them even now.

We’re headed toward Albany, NY next. We’ve got a cold date with a refrigerator installer. Because in the case I have forgotten to tell you, we have been without a refrigerator since Franconia. Where our twenty-year-old unit decided it was going to not be cold anymore. I talked Jake into letting someone else do the refrigerator job because I’m his most annoying wife. And I love him. And I love my sanity.

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