St. Johnsville, NY

We landed in St. Johnsville, NY for a night after spending the morning clenching our buttcheeks with worry as a team of refrigerator installers worked to implant Dyna with a new cooling unit.

We’re not good at trusting other people to work on Dyna. We’ve had experiences. Ok, mostly Jake is not good at allowing it. But I question allowing it too, so it’s pretty consensus.

Other than a water leak gushing out Dyna’s side (poorly installed fitting) and lack of proper alignment of the fridge itself – both of which were corrected before we pulled out of the shop – the refrigerator install went well.

We once again have a working fridge!

In preparation for the fridge install, we parked nearby in Lake George for a few nights. This was also conveniently close to our favorite vegan food eatery. Inconveniently, Birch Bark – the favorite eatery – was closed. Boo!

At least the fridge install went well.

We’re headed towards Rochester, NY to attend a wedding celebrating one of my favorite people, Ms. Rita BeeBee, and her soon-to-be husband Michael. And also to eat at Naantastic, soak up the love of good friends, run 50 miles around Canandaigua Lake, and maybe visit the dentist for a cleaning.

St. Johnsville, NY is along the Erie Canal and is on our path between the Albany area (fridge) and Rochester. So we stopped in the small, nearly deserted town. St. Johnsville is proudly home to New York’s Best Tasting water circa 1998. It is also home to a payphone. The town’s marina hosts some campsites with full-hook-ups and a very friendly and helpful harbormaster. In addition, the town hosts some very friendly pigs! And that’s all it hosts.

From here we’ll head to Rochester for a few weeks. You won’t hear about it though; we’ve written multiple blogs on Rochester for those interested. It’s the best. We love it. You should visit. And while you’re there, hug all of our friends for us.

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