Kane, PA

Red Bridge Campground in Kane, PA provided us the perfect decompression environment after a busy, mostly bucket-filling two-and-a-half-weeks in Rochester, NY.

No, you didn’t miss a blog. I have written numerous blogs about our stop-overs in Rochester, NY in the past, and am choosing not to write another this go-round. We did thoroughly enjoy our time there. We camped out in Webster Park. Attended a much-loved friend’s wedding. We loved on and were loved by friends and family. I ran 50 miles around Canandaigua Lake (my favorite ultra). We took Lucy to the vet, where she reminded us how naughty she can be at the vet.

Red Bridge Campground lives in the Allegheny National Forest near Kane, PA. It is quiet and provides no temptation of activities other than running or walking through the forest, reading outside, watching Lucy explore nature, working, and watching Sunday football. We did pop out for a lovely Saturday of kitchen table conversation and dinner in Olean with Fred, Jake’s father figure. But otherwise – straight hanging out in the Allegheny National forest, trying not to get shot by the bear hunters who roamed about.

We’re headed towards Greensburg, PA next. We’ve got friends to see and one more wedding to drive to and celebrate.