Bakersfield, CA

I am really tempted to type out “THERE IS NOTHING TO DO IN BAKERSFIELD, CA’ and then end this post. But that’s probably not true; although maybe it’s a little true. To be fair, we didn’t plan to do much during our week in the ‘Field, as Dyna had some pressing (more like pressuring) issues we needed to take care of. But also to be fair, when I did some googling of things that might be on the up&up in the ‘Field, I found the following suggestions: (1) meth (2) drive away. A few people (who appeared to be locals according to their online handles) added some ideas on another list, including: (3)it’s boring here (4)lick toads (5)put an Obama sticker on your car and see how many times your tires get slashed and (6) get some of those big long nails and hammer them into your forehead. Anyways, we decided to not do any of those things. We stuck to working out some of Dyna’s kinks while parked in one of the strangest campground situations we have been surrounded with yet. We stayed out at the Buena Vista Aquatic Recreation Center, which is a big long name for ‘man made lake where all of Bakersfield comes on the weekend to party’. It was a highly boring place on weekdays, and a highly entertaining one on weekends, where each campsite was packed to the brim with at least 3 recreational type vehicles and 20 people. Also, there was a convenience store in the park. This was super convenient because they sold ice cream novelties. We may or may have walked to buy ice cream novelties almost daily during our stay. 

So, instead of taking the recommendations from the community members of Bakersfield  (i.e. doing meth), we worked on pulling and replacing Dyna’s hydraulic leveler lines. Jake had noted they were leaky a month or so ago, probably because Dyna is an older woman and all the rubbery things on her are starting to get decrepit. And since Jake loves a good DIY project, we spent 3 days playing with Dyna’s hoses. Which are located underneath her. And it’s super gross under there. If you ever need to know how to remove/replace hydraulic lines in an oversized diesel pusher, you can ask us and Jake will tell you how. And I’ll tell you to find someone else to do it. But, we got it done, and those lines look really spiffy (if you crawl underneath the rig and find them and then look at them). 

And now, we leave you with a picture of our cat in the sink. You’re welcome. 

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  • heather

    Yeah, can’t say that I’ve ever stayed in Bakersfield. Much better drive is up 101, next time. Matt just replaced our leveler hose things too while I took the kids to Fort Niagra. Nice work fellow DIY’ers. And speaking of meth…I finally finished Breaking Bad (after starting it in Albuquerque this winter).

    • Liz (author)

      Go Matt! I’m impressed he did it solo- I mean, I did spend a good few hours in between assisting Jake reading a book (while keeping a watchful eye on progress), but crawling out from under and back is a PITA and having a second person to hand tools to you while under there is awesome. So more power to Matt!

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