Metropolis, IL

When we left Denver, we knew we’d eventually land in Atlanta. Christmas was coming, and Lucy’s favorite cat sitter lives in the Atlanta area. We didn’t really want to put Lucy through yet another long haul Jeep trip up to Western NY for our annual holiday visit with family. She’s succumbed to the woes of car sickness on multiple occasions, and her songs of woe get tiresome after a few hours. So, cat sitter – our next best choice. We leave Lucy in charge of the RV, with a daily dose of love and food allocation from Sarah (the cat sitter extraordinaire), and we drive north in the Jeep.

Metropolis really loves Metropolis

The thing is – the RV park situation in Atlanta sucks. All of the parks are at least 30 minutes outside of the city without traffic. Atlanta always has traffic. So it’s more like 50 minutes to an hour. So, we were in no real rush to arrive in Atlanta earlier than need be. I assigned Jake the passenger chair task of finding us a place to stay for a few days while I pointed Dyna’s big butt on a highway running east.

He came up with a state park in Metropolis, Illinois. I was impressed he was able to find us a publicly managed park that was still open so far ‘north’, so late in the season. But Jake works magic. We rolled into Fort Massac State Park just before sunset on a Tuesday evening, dumped our tanks while the sun entertained us, and plopped our levelers down in a nearly empty park.

Right down the road from where Superman lives, apparently. Who knew? Not me.

We were a few highway miles out from our exit for Metropolis when a sign teasing the world’s largest Superman statue informed us of our future neighbor.

Fort Massac’s camp host also let us know of a great deal you can get at Sonic from 2-4 p.m. everyday – a fried food happy hour. So, yeah – Superman and fried food happy hour. I think that sums up Metropolis pretty well.

We visited Superman. We ran around town (literally). We partook in fried food happy hour. We visited the town’s bakery and bought a mediocre-at-best brownie. And then, we left.

We’re got a cat sitter waiting to love on a certain cat in Atlanta.